Aporitic - A problem which resists solution

Thinking is a state of potentiality.

Be true to yourself

Sincerity - Nothingness

a 1 I control myself and I control the person in front of me.

She cherishes what he does.

She looks objectively "you are beautiful"

She doesn't know what he wants (His interests)

He holds her hand, squeezing it.

She postpones any decisions. Shown no emotion.

She has denied her body from her emotions.

She was playing a role. Acting in bad faith.

2. Cannot judge a man's life by happiness.

Happiness is a quality of actor.

View his action to see if a man was happy before he died. Aristotle.

Sartre Essay Existentialism is Humanism. It is a project

The self is a challenge.

Kierkegaard do not be idle. Run away from myself. I am I family life, religious life, social life.

3. I am what I am.

B. In life we act.

Father becomes a actor (waiter) more money.

Teachers may not like teaching.

An actor puts everything in his role

intelligence education.

[] _ real [] role

[] | | self []

[] | | [] I do this

All the roles unity

Marcel - Reacts against Sartre - unity

structured behavior imposed on one.

Homosexual is in bad faith for mind

does not transfer

drift - roles

T must transcend myself

Human beings exist in bad faith

Kierkegaard I am a spirit

No soul entity Sartre.

Logic of consciousness - cannot capture Whitehouse.

One moment lives in proceeding moment.

But essence is there.

Philosophers start a work of art (After political activity)

Martin Luther kink - Burden

Aristotle was innocent of what he did. We made him. We made the judjement.

Being a waiter can be enjoyed.

What you do genuine and effective.