Existentialism reject Contemporary.

Plato essence proceeds existence- traditional

eternal Nature to exist us wed

transport it to structure

Objects exist eternally

Existentialists reject contemporary

Aristotle Chair

1. Molte |

2. Concept ______|

3. Purpose | | Essence

4. Object | | Concept



Essence did not exist before we planned to make chair.

If God created me - it is not me

Creature is a being that is created.

I am made to - in accordance to God

Take God away ... Man existed first.

Soul being created has nothing to do with identity - Heidegger

When I exist I exist as a human being.

Subjectively I conceive my identity

I become a task a project, vocation

Human being is not a given.

The individual can play a role is shaping his life.

@. Life begins as zero

I become anything I want.

Life as a model of creation

Society doesn't rule.

Succeed and strive for what we want

For our sense of values.

4. When I choose myself, I choose for all human beings

Every other human being would make the same decision

fear anxiety

Human beings can not blame everyone else for their decisions

Farce of being