Fist part of play

Literary Play

Challenging – Enter the play from a number of angles. Go to the heart of the play.


Naive. Waiting for something to deliver from future.

Is Godot a God? A savior.

Save us from [boredom] meaningless existence.

Theme: Don’t know what to do with their time. Playing a game. Seem intelligent and witty. Play a hat game.

The hat is a symbol.

Consult to see if the hat has answers.

They are stuck with a lack of communication.

Absurd- Open up package.

Boredom creates internal pain. What is wrong with your neighbor?

No .motivation. Look for  a cause.

Society or meaning What is the boy? /(Jesus)?

Play is against western society. Take sin in a secular sense.

Artist delineates mode of life.

P43 Nothing happens.

Lucky puts hat on to think.

Activity in human life P45 World War II uncertainty.

Sexual revolution.

Idea in form – Dramatic elements.