March 11

¿Tradicional? Abstract?

Chronical  tiempo?

Cómico o tragedia?

Aspecto? No real?

Varios plan realidad


dos elemental

invertías parábolas


sabe cuento

1. Temes en el libro

2. futuro


4. Papel primera

Lista del tacto

Del gusto

Verbos repetir en cuente 


Para boca

Sueño – realidad

Puntas importante.

Boca arriba painter the scream

Mouth open

Dream and sacrifice

Run on a motorcycle

Dream in future. Dream is reality,

Briefly motorcycle  avoids woman

Taken to hospital

Back and forth – consciousness.

Close eyes – smells wet swamp

Tribe hunting

Black pit

Five senses

Colors important

Magic ambulant – no good

Carried to sacrifice.

Tied up like an animal

Ending of story – build up interest

What is sueño is reality

Dreams really of past not future

Es the story circula?