No capitalization in title

Capitalize Sr. and Sra ‑ no capitalization in full

Write out two drafts

Read out loud to catch errors.

este and estar

Quando era jonia

adjectives not temporary‑ use estar.

rich pobre joven

estar listo

ser list ‑clever

direct and indirect objects

vs  da el libras      a los estudiant

Me es díficil estudiar

Clauses two choices (uncertain)

    subj          cond

Si tuviera dinero iría al japan

  plu perf

Si habiera tenido dinero habría ide al Japan

not (es verdad) is subjunctive

sequence of tenses agree.

If use conditional use imperfect subjunctive

Pescar a

Spanish is more varied than English

Go to dictionary.  Double check nent word.

Don't abuse pronouns

 Yo ir Yo viene

No creo    doubt per indic

Spanish is more emotional ‑ Literature, philosophy

Therefore depend upon subjunctive

English is more scientific ‑ There is a test.

Reaction to something ‑ subjunctive

If you negate ‑ No ‑ subjunctive

Indefinate antecident ‑ subjunctive

Diplomacy makes truthful men liars

Gerund shows mode ‑ major

how you do something

Estudiante sacarías bueno notas

iande    \

ende     / mode

ing gerund in English

            use infinitive

by studying

( (El) aprende una lingua.


feel something

creer or sentar

Quede ‑ no subjunctive except indefinate future

Otro = other

p220 b

Para información  ‑ puntas claris












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