1. Hypothesis, live dead.
  1. Option- living, forced, momentious.

Relation between will and intellect.

Consider Pascals wager.: Believe or do not believe

Note: Reason [intellect} can not prove or disprove God's existence.

Note: Is believing a matter of calculation, betting, a game?

If I were, would God welcome such believing?

Even Pascal said: And the heart has reasons which reasons can not comprehend.

Wagering is a function of the intellect.

Faith is a function of the heart.


- There is in us a "willing nature" generated by conscience and unconscious forces [faith, prudence, hope, passion... and culture, factors - ].

- Believing is a factor of this: it arises from and acquires life, trust and strength from either. They are the basis of the will to believe.

Thesis. A lucity the intellect cannot choose a genuine option than our PASSIONAL nature may and should make the choice.

Imperative to choose truth and avoid error.,

- Restrictive. Believing scientific and one type of truth.

- Scientific: Says what is; Morality says what is good.

- But religion says the best things are eternal.

We are universes even here and now.

Religion is a forced option and a momentous option.


James - will to believe.

Some options are momentous.

Life is a matter of value. Will can not change facts but can change values.

Belief in God? What religion?

Beliefs Islam Quaran

Christian Bible.

Jews Torah.

Humans can not prove or disprove the existence of God.

Pascal was a mathematician, philosopher, theologian.

Christians a belief package.

Wager take away their package. This wager is for the non believer.

(Faith) Belief is not intellect but the heart. Not physical heart.

Heart - highest cognitive factor in human nature (to justify faith).

In human nature - There is an inclination impulse (will to believe) "willing nature" - James

Trust and commitment.

Add conscious to unconsciousness.

We live in a system of beliefs and values.

We are saturated with beliefs.

Belief in )9Democracy.): Not proven but an integral part of life.

Ideas enter our consciousness. capitalism (economic) belief living it.

Happiness. Catholic is dead in Buddhist faith.

Belief is not philosophy.

God Holy Book Religious institution Individual

Religion is a passion to respond.

Why am I here?

Passion is the basis of all religions.

Why am I here? passion.

James -passion religion.

Religion is not an accident. It is a response to passion.

People in structure are corrupt.

Question: Buddhists thing Christianity is gross.

Interfaith Dialogue. Dogma is bad. Not a Baptist then going to hell.

Is there a higher truth than religion?

Infinite reality

| --------------

| Draw circle |


| | |

| | | cultural heritage

| --------------| | -------------- | | --------------

| Draw circle | | Draw circle | | Draw circle |

|---------------| | --------------| |---------------|

not contradictory truth

Religion is spiritual reality

Moral truth - creator of good human being

Value of what we experience.

The question of religious faith should not be based on proving the existence of God.

Grandmother says not to discuss subjects of politics, sex and religion.