2. Cosmological Argument.

3. Teleological - By design. Tele aim, purpose. Aquinas. Kant - best philosopher; Because we experience design. Everything is a system.

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| Draw circle - interconnection |


Perfect function.

Existence of God.

Argument for design. Aquinas.

1. Natural things which lack intelligence act for an end [purpose].

2. They always act in the same regularity.

3. Hence, they achieve their end by design, not chance.

4. What lacks in intelligence cannot move toward is end unless it is moved by a force that has knowledge, intelligence.

Eg. an arrow directed by an archer.

5. An intelligence which directs all things toward their end must necessarily exist and this intelligence is called God.

Another version

1. The world is a big machine, and the part of the machine are machines. Each part is composed of sub-machines.

2. These parts are adapted to each other.

3. Thee is a given adaptation of means to each through the system of machines with admirable accuracy.

4. This adaptation resolves the production of human contrivances of design through wider intelligence.

5. Since the effect resemble each other [order, adaptation, design, intelligence] we have to infer that the causes are similar.


It is one thing to say [or prove] that God exists and another to say that he [it] is. How do we know what it is if it is transcendental? How do we know or accept knowledge or truth or value?

share experience. Who?

Revealed knowledge => Bible, Torah, Koran, Bhagda Vagida, sacred knowledge.

4. Hume- Anthropomorphism.

God becomes a perfect projection of a human being.

God is infinite| Design fails un this argument.

Man is finite |

Engage human being with heart, soul, mind

Forces to think to concentrate that go into human nature.

Open door <=> what experience is not logic

grasp universe.

Perfect argument - how it works.

Miracle - does not follow natural law.

Believe in God. God is faith.

Why should I use the knowledge in the sacred books?

Evil - two essays.