1. Natural. We do not produce event.

2. Humans produce evil.

Avoid evil. Be just, active, productive.


How do we know what God is?

Wat is faith?

Question of evil, dishonesty.

1. Love your neighbor. Is this kind of love possible?

Is love for the sake of love possible?

- Is Christ like faith love divine or human?

- Is abstract love, love from a distance possible?

2. Do people desire to be loved? Are you willing to love a horrible human being?

3. Why should people, especially the innocent, such as children, suffer?

Are people essentially bad?: cruel, hateful, selfish, nasty, lazy, violent? Do animals posess thies qualities? For example some people delight in torturing others. (steal wives without being discovered?)

4. Does the devil exist? Why? Is it a human or devine creature? Is the devil created in man's image? Is there a devil inside each one of us?

5. Why is here injustice in the world? What iis the purpos of injustice in the world?

6. C

Push old people into home, out of mind.

On outside, everything is bueatiful. By self, everything is changed. political, social justice.

James - subject next week.

Spiritual but leads to error? Why our action?


God - good, all knowledge.

Why does God not care? philosopher.

This is what people say actively.

Class discussion.

One step at a time=> big issue.

How much evil do we have to expierence to see good?

Two types of evil.

Injustice=> Child born without property or health.

Understand injustice. Care from a distance=> laws ane made.

Evil defines good.

human beings define what is good.

God define what is good.

If God is greater than everything, is he good in the human sence?

Is love an emotion?

Is it possible to love someone unconditionable, because of who they are?

Hardest question on the table.

Genesis - Man is created in the image of man.

Essence of love "is to care".

Act of love produces good (by intention or accident) by giving.

Perform act of love without contact (government).

Encounter people who are ugly. Should we love prisoners?

Story of Abraham in the Bible. Meaning of truth