The existence of God.


1. In itself God is not an object of direct experience

- It is not an object.

- Its being transcending physical or no physical qualification.

2. God is generally the basis of religion, but the different religions understand him differently.

In religion the source of knowledge of God is some sort of revelation.

- god is viewed as the absolute being:

greatest knowledge, goodness and power of creation.

_ God is viewed as the author of destiny, purpose of the universe and rem life.

Question. Why should we believe in the existence of God? Is this belief necessary to understanding and pursuing the purpose of life? Can life have meaning without this belief? If so, how? Know more to understand it.

St Anselm. The ornithological argument for the existence of God.

He addresses God to give him understanding, to his faith that the [God} trust, that he is what he believes him to be.

- But if he has faith , if he believes that God exists, why should he prove his existence

Because the fool denies his existence. Is this a good reason? Why does he take the fool seriously?

Preposition: God exists.

"God that which nothing is greater can be conceived.

1. The fool knows and understands what he hears.

The word(idea) "God" and what he understands is [exists] in the mind, even if he does not understand it to exist in reality.

2. It is one thing to exist in the mind and another to exist in reality (actuality). Ex. painting.

3. The fool understands that than which nothing greater greater can be conceived exists in the mind.

4. Than which nothing greater can be conceived.

Can not exist in the mind alone, because if it exists in the mind alone, it can be conceived to exist in reality also which is greater.

5. Than God than which nothing greater can be conceived necessarily exists in the mind and in reality.

Ideas of God


| | => infinity

| |---------- | |

| | object | |

| <= | |_| | = > |

| | | |

| |-----------| |

| |


Power, thought, magnitude

God growing in greatness.

Sacred Book- System of values.

Meaning of life. Now

Better understanding

Absolute creative designed universe.

Follow laws of creation to discover self and meaning of life.

Is it necessary to be good? Why?


Confront and provide solution.

19th century Can you be good without god? Faith

Divorces from heart

Philosophers wrote in first person.

Willing to change. Mind and soul, where truth is discovered.

Man desires to know - curiosity.

A fool does know what he is talking about.

Faith justified by reason.

Understanding is an event.


| |

--- no boundry differently

| Read

degrees | | | |


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