Concept of Faith. Question.

God is not an object

1. Senses. | God is not accessible.

2. Mind. |

1. Suppose the argument for the existence of god we studied are valid, convincing

- How do we know what God is? That he exists is one thing, what he is is another.

Do we know what he is by our mind? our senses?

2. Suppose God exists, does he exist outside the universe? inside it? How do we know?

3. First.

Some philosopher [Or thinker] attributes some knowledge about God

E.g. - infinite, create, eternal, power, knowledge, life... especially if he exists.

-matter, mind[ are necessary attributes of his mind.

Now what is the practical use of this kind of knowledge?


1. We can not know God directly. God has revealed [himself] to a human being. This revelation is recorded in a sacred book {Torah, Bible, Koran, Panaskan.

2. This revelation is a result of an encounter between God and a human being [personal]


- How do we know that this encounter is authentic?

3. This revelation is the basis of a region.

4. Do we choose our individual religion?

5. Consider Christianity as an example.

1. God exists. He is the creator of the universe.

2. God is love, just.

3. God is O NO or three in one.

4. Jesus is the son of God.

5. There is a heaven and hell.

6. I shall act according to the teaching of the Bible.

7. Why should I BELIEVE in this package of beliefs?

___ God creates

| | God reveals himself


| ---------------- Attribute to God.

| Draw circle - |


James. What is the cash value of this knowledge?

Revelation between God and 1 human being.

output is a basis of all religions.

Sacred text is a basis for all religions.

World View. Life and destiny

Sacred text, not philosopher.

Contain philosophy Contain a view and understanding of world.

Different religions are based on different sacred books.

Nobody asks if you want to be a Jew ,Christian, Muslim or Hindu.

Diversity of Revelation.

Encounter between infinite and man.

Revelation is different, but each claim to be the word of God.

Stranger asks are you a Christian?

No driver licence. Give lists of beliefs. Grow up with it. Man was constructed for twenty years. Is this really believing?

Consensus between one person and another.

private. => how to apply to us.

Consider foundations of religion.

Abraham - Father of religion (Sarah)

God's favorite. Good leader.

Hagar had Ismial.

Isaac- Obey Lord (God) (faith)

Sacrifice in the land of Moriah? Three day journey.

Is God playing games? Am I a fool?

Dialogue between Abraham and son.

Acknowledge the supremacy of God. On which ground did he stand to renounce the world.

Faith is the leap into acceptance into a belief in god (active in history in human life).

How can we justify the leap into faith?

Christ had twelve witnesses.

They doubted him on the cross.

It took a miracle to satisfy the " why the leap". Do only religious leaders make the leap, or should I follow?

Make a decision to study or make a blind leap.

Begin the discussion in a different way.

If I already have faith, I don't have to jump. This is a personal matter.

If God truly exists, is their a choice ?

Pascal- Wager