St Anselm. The ornithological argument


Argument for motion

  1. It is certain to the --------------- that some things are in motion.
  2. What is in motion is move by another. Why? How?


-         What can move unless is is initiated to move in a certain direction.

-         Motion is the actualization of potential. [A child id a potential man]

-         But this can not be actualized except  unless it is possible.

-         Fire is needed to make hot.


  1. Move as this can not move itself in the same respect . Can not be potentially and actually at the same time.
  2. What is moved to move by another, that moves, in order to move must be moved by another and span to infinity.
  3. But this process cannot go on to infinity, because there would not be an intermediate. This takes the first move.
  4. There   must be a first mover that moves everything, His move is not moved by any mover whatsoever.