Empiricus cont.

Main Question?

No absolute true knowledge. Opposite preposition - Equal chance.

The apple- does it have more qualities than we perceive it?

- Suppose a person from Mars were to perceive it, would the person see only what we perceive?

- What is the apple in itself?

Conc. The senses do not apprehend the natural reality. We can know only what we perceive, representation.

B. Intellect. It too can not apprehend what the object is in itself.

- Our perception of things depend upon our psychological and physical condition... heating, brain, sick, healthy, happy, sad ... Which of these is the right condition?

- Again appearances differ depending upon age. The same air may seem cold to an old person, but not to a younger.

- The same distance, stretch of time

- Appearances depends on whether we are at rest or motion...

Question: Is there an object standard?

Again appreciation-Is there a standard? X is beautiful. I like x.

How do we know the standard of education?

- How do we know it is live?

What can we do in search of truth? Inquire.

Put theories into the nature of reality

- Practical life as in an individual and in society.

Follow best truth through history.