Exam II

Konstantin Sergeevich Aksakov

Aksakov in  On the Internal State of Russia, analyzes the Russian people. He suggests to return to pre-petrine Muscovas as means of social reform. He expresses pure Slavophile political ideology and no interest in politic except in a patriarchal monarch. He states that this could be called a slave mentality. He states that Russia must be Russia. It can not live with imported ideas. Government must understand the needs of the people. He thinks people see specters from the West, which can not exist in Russia. Communal life is to live not rule. He thinks people are good in their beliefs. He thinks the institutions of government should allow its members to be human beings with a high purpose.

Aksakov believes in separation of: 
1. Czardom and the land administration.
2. Government of the people on the land.
He thinks man's vocation is to achieve a spiritual approach to God. Only men's failings and cutthroat competition require a state.

He states moral men can only be free under a monarch. He does not believe in a constitution like the one in England. The west has given up the spirit of religion. Russia must pay attention to public opinion such as Assemblies of the Land. The price of bread went up and Czar Alexis summoned the merchants.
None the less, he thought the enlightenment of the west should be copied.