Exam II

Computer communication is available worldwide in western Europe  Russia, Asia and India and Persia. The computer is available in modern Russia, but not as widely as in Germany.
Computer communications codes are determined by international panels. Japanese companies manufacture CD reading devices. 

Mozilla creates the Firefox browser and is a non profit organization. Microssoft is a US enterprise who manufactures the Explorer browser. And Opera is a Norwegian company who distributes the browser for free. 
Russia is in the throes of a political change from communism to free enterprise to a new Czar - Putin.
Which change will the Russian people make? Russia distrusts outside ideas, but must borrow ideas from the outside. Russians can contribute to computer code to Firefox, which is distributable, but not Microsoft, which sells its software. Computer communication networks are wireless, which is a useful concept to a country like Russia or Canada, which has a large land mass and has communication satellites. But, today communication security and terrorism are important subjects. This material fits into the subjects of the readings. Who governs? Who has freedom to communicate? What is the security of the home computer?

Russian and other communes are on the internet. The villages are subject to the laws written in central Russia. In the US the laws are published on the internet as bills to be considered by elected officials , before they are enacted. Will the Russian spirit allow similar government in Russia? Will Ukraine join NATO? 

There is a lot of media activity in the modern world. Russia is not isolated.