The dialogue box message on the monitor read: "Can not read the disk. Try again." The computer is old. The floppy disks are old. Will it last for the campaign? There is a McCain for US President Campaign headquarters opening tonight, July 14, 2008. I will use DOS Prompt and type in: "Edit" Then I will punch the keys at the key punch machine as the 60's. But I will not use punch cards. I use the alt key and FILE to SAVE on drive b: as "OLD" In the 2008 campaign I will COPY and PASTE to cyberspace. Technology changes. I lost my Universal Serial Bus (USB). I will EMail the file as a fall back option.? My wife, Georgiann, is reading cyberspace articles about the possible bankruptcy of automobile companies. I live in an automobile production region, and go to school in Dearborn, across from Ford Head Quarters. McCain's HQ is in Oakland county. I live in the next door county of Wayne. Chrysler was sold by a German company. Ford is being bought out, but the Ford family is still influential. General Motors was not bought out and did not find a Japanese or European partner. All these transactions are transparent on the internet. Raising taxes is not the answer, either. The August 5 election primary in Michigan is around the corner.