I got up early, and went to the basement. The temperature was in the 50's. I went for a jog.

The professor had said, "Bring your portfolio to class. Use material from your computer that you had written".

I went back to the basement and turned on the computer.

I punched the power button to the screen. A green diode lit. I pushed the power button to the computer. A yellow diode flickered. The black screen displayed Microsoft DOS messages from 1988.

Each of the directory names appeared on the screen, in the order they were created one at a time.

DOS shell appeared. The screen was split.

      1. Half the screen was the directories on C:. These were the same ones that showed when the computer booted.

      2. The bottom half of the screen showed a listing with the Alphaworks program. Wordperfect had been deleted. No icons appeared. Windows 3.1 had been deleted.

I highlighted the Alphaworks program command.  The menu bar showed:     Database  Word  Spreadsheet  Comm  Help  Dos  Exit

I selected Word for Word Processor.

I was ready to begin my portfolio for the last day of class. The computer was my companion, and displayed prompts.

I selected F1 key and reviewed the directories. I choose Travel.

The Alphaworks integrated software program was the reason I decided to write a book and tried to publish. I had used the TI-99 computer before, to run for County concessioner in the 80's, and used these Basic computer models for material. I also attended Madonna College to learn Polish in the late 70's and copied this material to the computer. I had learned to program the Ti-99 computer by playing games with my son Todd.

"Dad, put this in the computer, please," He would say. I would copy the program from a booklet and RUN the program. We would use the arrow keys to move the cursor on the graphics display.

I got a copyright on "Fun With Computers" from the Library of Congress in 1995.

I began to use the internet in 1996. Then I decided to go to Wayne County Community College for people over 60 in 2003. Now, in 2008, I am at the University of Michigan finishing the Travel and Memoir Writing class on the Retired Persons Scholarship program.

I am collecting my essays from the Travel and will produce a work.