Jen's Peace Corps Experience








Phone call 7/26/1999

Hi all,
To those of you who have been wondering how Jen has been doing, we got a
phone call from her yesterday.  Of course her first words were to write
down the number and call her back.  Just to do that she said cost her
about a week's expense money.
She sounded great--one of only a handful of volunteers not to be
accosted yet by stomach ailments.  She is staying with a family with
children ranging from 5 to about 18.  Most of them speak French, so she
has had little trouble communicating.  They have been warm and friendly,
and she has fit right in--getting along very well with most of them and
enjoying fighting with the 15-year-old boy.
Jen has decided the the U.S is one of the few antispetic countries in
the world.  Nonetheless, she has adjusted well to the offensive smells
and sights and really seems to be enjoying the experience so far.  She
claims to have written a 7-page letter which we hope to get eventually.


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