Jen's Peace Corps Experience









First news from Jen in Africa via a post card (7/12/1999):
Hello! Asalaam Maeel Ekum
I have arrived! It was already after midnight when our plane landed
 in Leopold Senghor Airport in Dakar, but the moon shone high in
the African sky and illuminated the view of our ride to Thies. The
air was heavy and thick with the smell of the earth, the baobab trees
streaming by as the rickety van-bus tore accross the 2-lane highway.
That night I could not sleep for the thoughts in my head, adrenalin
in my veins, joy in my spirit. My first night under African skies.
It is hot but not unbearable and the rain has yet to start falling.
The PC compound is full of green, green trees and pink, yellow,
orange flowers that climb walls and that hang from above. We will
be spending a lot of time here. My whole story to this point is
coming in a real letter, but Kayego, our director, wanted us to send
a post card tout de suite.
I love you. J


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