Project Eldin


Sunday June 20th, 2010

    I’ve been itching to start a blog, and whether anyone likes to admit it or not, the previous two services I used (Livejournal and Tumblr) were not only used by a large teen/tween population, but the subculture (emo, scene, indie, call it what you like, it’s all the same anyway) that they attracted is not appealing to me anymore. We all have phases as adolescents (anyone who knows me well enough can attest to that), although it surprised me through my undergrad years as to how many people continue to adhere to these mentalities well throughout early adulthood.

    So, to sum it up, I have decided to avoid being limited by the stereotype associated with major blogging sites (“Hey fellow graduate student, check out my Tumblr!”) and just use what my new university has offered me. It’s my next best choice apart apart from MobileMe, but I see no reason in paying $99 for a service that is mostly free anyway through Google.

    I have decided to use Facebook as a form of integration, as well as various Google services once I get my photos rolling along. Eventually, I plan on making multiple sections for reviews, my research, and other sections I deem worthy such as favorite videos. My first order of business will be to get the site up and running to a quality I like, followed by Facebook integration so people can start commenting. Hopefully by September, everything will be streamlined and I can begin graduate school at UM-Dearborn and make posts simultaneously, as a new chapter in my life unfolds.

and so it begins...

Welcome to my world, as seen on your computer.

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