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Learn more about Professor Koyama's work in Madagascar in his book, Madagascar tou–Nishiindoyou chiikikennkyuu nyuumon  (The Island of Madagascar: an Introduction to Area Studies in the Western Indian Ocean Region):


Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University Inuyama, Aichi 484-8506, JAPAN TEL. +81-568-63-0567

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Professor Naoki Koyama - profile

Prof Naoki Koyama

Professor Naoki Koyama of Kyoto University began a major long-term study of individual ringtailed lemurs in 1989. This has resulted in articles on demography, female-female relations, troop fission and formation, and on the relation of lemur home ranges to the presence and persistence of tamarind trees. His students Shinichiro Ichino and Takayo Soma carry on the study to the present day, with many collaborators and students from Japan. Prof. Koyama has summarized much of his work and knowledge of Madagascar in a general book, (2009). Madagascar tou–Nishiindoyou chiikikennkyuu nyuumon (The Island of Madagascar: an introduction to Area Studies in the Western Indian Ocean Region). Kanagawa, Tokaidaigaku Press (in Japanese).

Contact: "N.Koyama"

Portrait of Professor Naoki Koyama © photo by A. Jolly
Vets at Work
  Shinichiro Ichino discussing field research with colleagues.   © photo by A. Jolly

Shinichiro Ichino has studied ringtailed lemurs at Berenty since 2000, focusing on male mating, migration, and reproductive success.




Takayo Soma did her PhD at Berenty on the feeding behavior of a troop ringtailed lemurs which depended heavily on introduced plants. Her meticulous studies allowed calibration of the actual intake of nutrients from different sources over several years, as well as following the detailed demography of seven different troops, in collaboration with Shinichiro Ichino. Her supervisor was Naoki Koyama.


Takayo Soma
Takayo Soma with a maki baby
Shinichiro Ichino can be reached at:

Genome Diversity Section, Dept. of Evolution and Phylogeny
Primate Research Institute
Kyoto University
41-2 Kanrin
Inuyama, Aichi, 484-8506 JAPAN

Fax: +81-568-63-0565
Takayo Soma can be reached at:

Center for African Area Studies
Kyoto University
46 Yoshida Shimoadachi-cho
Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN

Tel: +81-75-753-7800
Fax: +81-75-753-7810