Frank Massey

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   Course Materials
      Math 115      Calculus I
      Math 116      Calculus II
      Math 205      Calculus III for Engineering Students
      Math 215      Calculus III
      Math 216      Introduction to Differential Equations       
      Math 217      Introduction to Matrix Algebra       
      Math 227      Introduction to Linear Algebra
      Math/ECE 276  Discrete Mathematical Methods in Computer Engineering 
      Math 404/504  Dynamical Systems
      Math 420/520  Stochastic Processes
      Math 454/554  Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
      Math 462/562  Mathematical Modeling - Summer 2016
      Math 472/572  Numerical Analysis
      Math 473/573  Matrix Computation
      Math 523      Linear Algebra with Applications
      Math 582      Computer Algebra Systems

           1.  Power Law Approximations for Radioactive Decay Chains (preprint)
           2.  Asymptotic Behavior Of Convolutions
           3.  Sums of Gamma Random Variables
           4.  Partial Orderings for Random Variables
           5.  Approximations for Radioactive Decay Formulas - Old and New
           6.  Convolutions of Complex Exponential Functions
           7.  Convolutions of Exponential Functions - Background Material and Recent Results            
           8.  Small Time Approximations for a Markov Process
           9.  Markov Process with Fast and Slow States
           10. A Small Time Approximation for Convolutions of Gamma Distributions
           11. Markov Processes With Fast And Slow States
           12. Convolutions of Gamma Distributions

           Convolutions of Unimodal Functions

           Glucose modeling
           A Comparison of Two Traffic Models
           Two Optimal Stopping Problems