Who is James Andrews?

James Andrews was born on September 20, 1989 in Detroit, Michigan. He had a very active childhood and enjoyed childhood. He attended Joyce Elementary School for grades First - Fifth. He exceeded in elementary and it helped prepare him for middle school. For grades Sixth - Eighth, he attended Barbour Magnet Middle School. He graduated from middle school and began his challenging high school career.

James attended Denby Tech/Prep High School and maintained high honor roll for all four years. He graduated with honors with a GPA average of 3.6. He won many awards and got acknowledged for his hard work. After high school, he received two scholarships to attend The University Of Michigan - Dearborn. Currently, James is a freshman at the college who is enrolled in his second semester of his first year. He is very popular on the social utilities Facebook and MySpace, so you can reach him at those websites.

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