Jin Wang
Associate Professor of Physics

E-mail:  jinwang@umich.edu
Phone: (313) 593 5158
Fax:     (313) 593 5158
Office:  2225 SBCW
Lab:  2218CW

Field of Study: Quantum Optics


Professor Wang Received PhD in the field of Quantum Optics in 2001 from the University of Queensland Australia. She was a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Optics in Rochester NY. Her second Quantum Optics postdoctoral research was at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Professor Wang studies a variety of quantum optic phenomena using photons in various states of coherence and entanglement. One field of study concerns the fundamental properties of the quantum phenomenon called complementarity. One method of studying these properties involves using delayed choice interferometry with entangled photons. Another subject of recent interest is interaction free measurement where an object can be detected with multiple interferometers without the object absorbing any photons. Professor Wang's research also involves applications such as the measurement of optical material thickness and index of refraction using down converted photon pairs, and investigating the piezoelectric properties of ceramic capacitors for use in nanomotion applications. Professor Wang also has theoretical interest in Electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light, quantum feedback control and simultion of quantum systems.

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Selected Publications

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