Jan 6: Course Introduction

Jan 11: The Perception of Science and Literature Today

Jan 13: Two Cultures at UMD?

Jan 18: Science and Literature in the 18th Century: Responses to Newton and the Romantic Reaction to Science

Jan 20: Victor Frankenstein's Education

Jan 25: Nature, Technology, Ethics

Jan 27: The Feminist Critique of Science I

Feb 1: Reading Science as Literature

Feb 3: The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge

Feb 8: Social Construction in the History of Science

Feb 10: The Victorian Debates over Science in Education

Feb 15: The Legacy of the Arnold-Huxley Debate

Feb 17: Is Social Science Science?

Mar 1: The Construction of Disease

Mar 3: The Feminist Critique II

Mar 8: Scientific Revolutions

Mar 10: Science and Religion

Mar 15: Better Living Through Chemistry?: Science as a Career

Mar 17: The Ethics of Science and Engineering

Mar 22: The Rhetoric of Science

Mar 24: The Feminist Critique III

Mar 29: Entropy in Literature: From Thermodynamics to Information Theory

Mar 31: Cybernetics and Postmodern Fiction

Apr 5: Chaos Theory

Apr 7: Chaos Theory and Contemporary Literature

Apr 12: Film Screening

Apr 14: The Image of the Scientist in Modern Society

Apr 19: Is the World Science Describes and Explains Really There?