Functional Data Analysis
Functional Data Analysis Working Group
Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
NCSS Data Analysis
Undergraduate Statistics Project
Shiny App with different probability distributions
Explore R
Optimization in R
An Introduction to R
R for beginners
More about R by Venables and Ripley
Regression and ANOVA using R
Using R for Introductory Statistics
More about R
R Reference Card
The R Manuals
R Wiki - Overview
Finding Data On the Internet
Exploratory Data Analysis Wide range of statistical topics are covered in this web page with video lectures and other supplementary materials
R "Meta" book An R Based Introduction to Probability and Statistics with Applications
Tutorials One of the comprehensive tutorial for R: from basic to intermediate.
Writing R Extensions Learn advanced R programming techniques
Regression Description of wide varieties of regression models
Stat Computing Advanced Statistical Computing, University of Wisconsin
R tips A comprehensive list of R resources
Data Sets and more A resource page for statistics instructors with some apps
ROC Curve A dynamic visualization of ROC curve
Scope of Statistics For Today's Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics- New York Times, August 2009
Opportunity Insights Using Big Data to SOlve Economic and Social Problems
JSE Data Ar Archive: An International Journal on the Teaching and Learning Statistics
Animated Math A Youtube Channel with animated videos of Linear algebra, calculus, differential equations and neural networks