Research Interest

My research interests include the epidemiology of cancer, time series forecasting, quantile regression and functional data analysis. The skewed and non-normal data are increasingly more frequent than ever before. The data in the extreme ends are of their own importance. Hence the importance of quantile regression. The availability of the information is increasingly functional. My current work is gearing towards functional data analysis techniques such as principal differential analysis which can estimate a system of differential equations to reveal the dynamics of real data.


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Theses, Technical Reports and Pre-Print

  1. Keshav Pokhrel "Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Brain Tumor: Histology and Regional Effects", Ph.D. Dissertation (2013), University of South Florida. Advisor: Dr. Chris P. Tsokos
  2. Keshav Pokhrel "A Study of Present Value Maximization For Monopolist Problem in Time Scale", Masters Thesis (2008) at Marshall University. Advisor: Dr. Bonita A. Lawrence
  3. Keshav Pokhrel, Yilin Zhuang, Haiping Yin, Edward Dimarco "A System Dynamic Approach to Water and Energy Management in Hillsborough County" (2011), a research project with engineering and management graduate students as a part of graduate students research challenge grant 2011 provided by the USF graduate School.

Presentations and Workshops

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