Dr. Twiner Research Lab


Our laboratory is located in the University of Michigan's Science Learning and Research Center (SLRC) (Rooms 2015 and 2013) housed within the Department of Natural Sciences, Dearborn, MI. Our laboratory space houses all the equipment necessary to conduct many standard cellular, biochemical, microbiological, and molecular procedures. Our main laboratories contain a chemical fume hood, Nuaire cell culture hood, two CO2 incubators, refrigerator/freezer, low-magnification microscope, high-magnification fluorescent microscope with DIC capabilities (Zeiss Axioskop), and luminescent and fluorescent microplate readers (BMG technologies). We have direct access to autoclaves, ice machine, equipment for agarose, and 1- and 2-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and gel imaging, multiple cold rooms (4°C), and -70°C and -150°C freezers. Furthermore, ~300 sq. ft. of laboratory space dedicated to radioisotope use is available housing a Beckman liquid scintillation counter.

Current Students:


Ahmed Madhkoor presenting his research at the 2012 Society of Toxicology meeting.


Kristen Benner analyzing her results of her study at the Flourescent plate reader.

Sean Nguyen

Previous Students:


Racha El-Ladki at the Fluorescent plate reader. Racha graduated in 2011 and is now enrolled in the DO program at Michigan State University


Suzanne Butler working in the biosafety cabinet. Suzanne graduated in 2011 and is now enrolled in the MD program at Northwestern University.


Flossie- Flossie graduated in 2012 and is now living in Southern California.

Ali- Ali is continuing his studies at UMD.

Andrew- Andrew graduated in 2012 and is now working at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Megan- Megan is continuing her studies at UMD.

Vikram Shende


Sajeda Hassan looking at her cells. Sajeda is currently attending Wayne State University.


Amna Karim presenting her poster at Meeting of the Minds, 2010. Amna graduated in 2010 and is now enrolled in the DO program at Michigan State University.


Interested students:

If you are interested in an undergraduate, graduate, or post doctoral research position in Dr. Twiner's lab and have a strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry, and/or toxicology, please contact him via email and send your resume/CV along with an unofficial copy of your most recent transcripts.