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Archive of Changes

1. Sections on "Classical Burlesques" and "Fairy Extravaganzas" have replaced the old "Musical Comedies" section  (21 June 2000).

2. A "Works Cited" has been added (20 July 2000). "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for my site." Individual authors or titles are linked to it, except for works by Planché, as doing so would have made the page too unwieldy to load.

3. "A List of Planché's Theatrical Works" has been added (3 August 2000), based on Volume Five of Extravaganzas, but with source material and missing information supplied.  All 176 are listed.  Material on his sources will be added as it is discovered.

4. A brief biographical notice of William Farren has been added to the section on "Planché's Associates" (10 August 2000).  More was added later in August.

5. A section on Planché's translations of French fairy tales has been added (15 August 2000).

6. A section has been created to list changes to this site, eliminating the cumbersome placement of the list at the top of the page (22 August 2000).

7. There is also much new information in the "Dramatic Authorship" section.

8. A "Costume" section was added in August and September of 2000.  Now you, too, may know why the court of a bloodthirsty warlord was full of ballerinas and why Captain Macheath was a contralto!

9. A little more information has been added on The New Planet in the revue section (September 2000).

10. This site officially celebrated the Leif Eriksson Millennium (10 October 2000).

11. A little more information has been added to the discussion of costumes in relation to the melodrama The Vampire (10 October 2000).

12. A link to the London Stage Project home page has been added (17 October 2000).

13. A section on Planché's verse translation of "Sleeping Beauty" has been added (7 November 2000).  Now you can sample some of Planché's non-theatrical poetry.

14. As of summer 2000, musical links have been provided (when available) to MIDI versions at 10,000 Volkslieder, Folksongs from Around the World (The Lieder Leader).  This intriguing site is well worth investigating both for the music of the nineteenth century and generally.

15. A section discussing the comedies and farces of Planché was first added 22 January 2001.  As of 5 February, it is essentially complete.

16. A chronology of Planché's times was begun on 12 February.  It now gives a nice overview of the major events of Planché's world.  Work on it is still continuing, however.  Most recently (June), much information on literary and theatrical people is appearing.

17. As of 21 March 2001, our "ticket-taker" has changed.  The counter is now supplied by

18. Beginning 14 May 2001, an "autograph book" (guest book) has been provided in the final section of the home page.  Please feel free to sign it and offer comments.

19.  On 19 June, a gentleman was kind enough to inform me that I had a detail wrong regarding the debut of W.S. Gilbert's The Princess.  I'd thank him by name, but I'm not sure how he'd feel about that.  Regardless, I thank him heartily.

20. Also on 19 June, a little more information has been added to some of the actors' biographies.  There is also now a brief bio of Elizabeth St. George P., Mr. P's wife.

21. On 15 July, the "autograph book," which I had tried to repair on 20 June, proved to remain, despite my efforts, silly little blank rectangles.  However, the links do work--so if you'd like to sign my guestbook, go to the bottom of the home page (click here) and click on the silly little blank boxes!  You'll get a turquoise screen and may proceed.

22. On 27 August, a FAQ link was added to this page.

23. On 20 September, the ever-growing chronology was moved to its own page--the first in a series of such moves, designed to create more order and user-friendliness here.  It can still be reached through the Table of Contents.

24. On 3 October, the website was repaired from problems stemming from my early attempts at moving the chronology to its own page.

25. On 4 October, my repairs of 3 October were repaired.  There were currently three other pages created, shortening this homepage somewhat.  They include the list of plays and the archive of changes.

26. On 5 October, I deleted the year links (1800, 1810, etc.) to the Chronology until I could understand how to make them work.

27. On 7 October, I finally found out why the links to the FAQs and the Guest Book looked weird and fixed them.  Thanks, Andy at Bravenet Support!  I also added a site search-engine.  It will need work--it does not yet have the keywords.  It may be reached through the Table of Contents.

28.  On 9 October, the new Site Search was up and running.

29. On 17 October, the five sections on Mr. Planché's theatrical writings were transferred to their own pages, to allow for easier and faster downloads.

30. On 26 November, the announcement of my article on Planché was removed:  'If you like reading about "Mr. P," look for the April 2001 issue of Marvels & Tales, published by Wayne State University Press.  It has both a lengthy article (by the maintainer of this lengthy website) and one of the Big Guy's plays.'

31. On 26 November, I've added a little more information to the "Life" section of this page on Matilda Mackarness and her children.

32.  In January 2002, I repaired the link to the list of Planché's plays.

33.  Also in January 2002, I have also made the colors in some of the sections friendlier to the eyes of humans.  (Friends from your species convinced me they could not read them well.)  This page, however, still reflects my love of garish colors.

34.  On 5 March, I discovered what was wrong with the links to the List of Works and those to the Chronology.  Everything seems to be working properly now. 

35.  On 7 March, I restored the "Back to Home Page" links in the Chronology.

36.  After a period of prolonged illness in which I only sporadically worked on the site, I began a general revisit of the pages on February 2, 2004.  I finished a slight update of the hit counter on the main page, that day.  On the 3rd and 4th, I updated the chronology page, including its counter.

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