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Former Project: mEmbryonic Stem Cells at the Barald Lab

Protocols (Under Construction)

Tissue Culture

Passing ES Cells 



Plating Cells  

Harvesting and Counting  


Immunohistochemistry   This is my secret protocol for immunohistochemistry made up with the help of Kate Barald, Zymed, and trial and error. It produces brilliantly positive labeled cells and neurons against a completely negative background.



ES Medium 

Differentiation Medium 

CHO Medium 

UIMO Medium 


Nikon ACT Software 


PCR (coming soon)

Reagents (Coming Soon)

Genomic DNA Isolation (Coming Soon)

Reading The Optical Density (Coming Soon)

PCR Reagent Prep (Coming Soon)

PCR (Coming Soon)

Gel  (Coming Soon)

Electrophoresis (Coming Soon)

Western Blotting (coming soon)

Protein Isolation (Coming Soon)

Bradford Assay (Coming Soon)

Immunoprecipitation (Coming Soon)

Western Blot (Coming Soon)


Figuring Standard Deviation in Excel 

Coulter Counter Threshold Settings  

Figuring Regression Value 

Coulter Counter Set Up 

Room and Phone numbers  (Coming Soon)



Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.
- Albert-Szent Györgi


Last Updated: 06/28/08







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