Pspice Seminar (26-10-2012)

Pspice short course live recording (11-18-2011)

Some lessons and video tutorials in Pspice

Lesson 1: Introduction (A simple diode circuit)

Lesson 2: Applying DC sweep (Obtain VI  diode characteristic)

Lesson 3: A Zener-diode example

Lesson 4: Operational amplifier (OP-Amp) characteristics

Lesson 5: Transient analysis of an Op-amp Circuit

Lesson 6: Transient Analysis or an RC-circuit with initial conditions

Lesson 7: Time-response of an RC-circuit with a pulse input

Lesson 8: Creating a macro-model of an Op-Amp using a sub circuit

Lesson 9: Simulation of a passive notch filter

Lesson 10: Simulating DC circuits with variable components

Lesson 11 Simulation of AC sinusoidal circuits