Basic Electronic Instruments


1) Power supply and multimeter

Power supply Model: HM 8040 and Digital Volt Meter Model: HM 8011

This video shows the basic functions of a power supply.  It shows how the readouts can measure both current and voltage, and explains why that is useful, as well as showing that regardless of the current being drawn the voltage is constant.

Then the digital volt meters functions are explained with special focus on the continuity and current measurement functions.


2)  Function generator

3) Digital scope

Function Generator model: HM8030 and Digital Oscilloscope model : DSO1012A

Respectively,  and


The first video introduces the function generator with some basic digital oscilloscope functions.  The focus is to show the student how the sweep, offset, and amplitude functions work along with displaying them on the digital oscilloscope.


The second video then goes over the advanced scope features, like alternative triggering, zooming and how measurement and mathematical functions can be displayed on the screen.

4) Spectrum analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer Model: SA 512


This video gives a general overview of what a spectrum analyzer is and how it is useful for detecting the power spectral density of a signal.  Simple functions such as the variable spanning range, and the peak hold are outlined in this video