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Hey, my name is Sibu. This is going to sound rather cliche, as most people say this, but I have to say it: this is my first webpage design. There, I said it. I hope there will be more to come... I'm not entirely happy with this design at the moment, but when I am I'll let you know.

This seems obvious to most, but to get back to the main page you press the close button in the corner (X). You could put navigation on this page i suppose, if you wanted... UPDATE: don't worry, I've done it for you anyway.

whats new in here
  1. stuffs
  2. more stuffs
  3. even more stuffs
  4. here is something to keep u entertained
  5. twinkle twinkle little star
  6. how i wonder what u r
  7. up above the world so high
  8. like a diamond in the sky
about my site
Ok, this would probably be used as a blog or personal site, for the simple reason that it is not designed to accomodate a vast amount of information. (Well, it can but you have to scroll a very long way...)

i dont care what u think about my design.. but still i think this is a pretty cool design.

For those of you who are view this page in a cheap montior, due to the general rubbishness of some monitors, the colours are screwed up. There's nothing I can do about that, so get over it!

And for all those who are viewing it in a very old browser or trying to invent ur own browser, this design works on all of the browsers ive tried it on - IE5, IE6, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape. So better upgrade to to any of the one above to view this site.

a little about me
My name is Sibu Varughese. According to some, I am incredibly sad - to those people I say this: I don't care what you think. Noone cares what you think. Get on with your own life, instead of critisising other people's. I spend most of the time on Yahoo! (sibuv66[at]yahoo[dot]com). I guess that doesn't really count as socialising? Thought not. Well, thats enough for the moment.