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This is the webpage i am doing for my Comm 250 class. Though I personally does not like to write about my self, now i am forced to write about mysellf.

For those of who dont know me, I'm Sibu Varughese. I am in my final year of my under-graduate studies.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my site and please email me with your comments - good and bad aswell. Though positive comments are higly appreciated, and negative comments will go directly to my thrash can. And for those of who writing positve comments.... "Thank You" . !!!


Though i like to sleep when i get a chance, i would say my hobbies include playing cricket and anything with computers including braekaing them into pieces. Also i would like to watch TV, which i hardly get a chance to do so. Anyways, i think i made two paragraphs fo the specs sheet. And i dont what else should i write in this coulumn.

This means that I dont have anything else to write, and at the same time i need to fill this page with stuffs. Well.. i have any idea to add more stuffs to this page.

My idea

So here is my idea of filling this page. i am going to add a lot of garbage stuffs from here to the end of this page, hoping that my professor won't mind it and won't count that against me. Anyway she know that I am an engineering major, not an english major. See i am successful in extending my webpage to this point. And somehow i am draging my reader all the way to the end of this page. For those of who, who are really interested in reading my blog, i have a humble suggestion..why are you wasting time by reading this crap.. read CNN or any other news site so that you will know what is happening around you. Or else read your text book. Or else watching some TV show.


I am pretty confident that my idea worked. See i am here at the bottom of the second column.This means, you can also adopt this. I

won't charge you for the copywright. And if you really want to donate some thing, you are always welcome.


I know people find it so boring to read through my site, but that is OK. I really thank all of you who reached this point. And for those of who, who didn't get this far, sorry.. you guys don't have sense of appreciating some good piece of art. Hey ... wait a minute.. this page is not symmetric.... well i dont know what to do...... i have something off hand.. .. here is something to make it symmetric. i am writing something that make no sense to anyone..even to me. But some how I want to reach the end of this page. Hey i have something which i forgot to say. Please check the link to pictures, i have some cool pictures posted there. It is really cool. I found that in the inter net and i thought I will add this to my site. Just in case if any of you guys want to save those images for other purposes, you are free to do so. Please let me know if you are using my work. And to conclude, i would like to thank you all once again, in taking the pain to read through my boring blog. Thank you .. Thank You.. Thank you.