Wong, Tian An
tiananw at umich dot edu

Between 2011 and 2016, I was a grad student at the CUNY Graduate Center, during which time I was an adjunct at the Bronx Community College, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and Vassar College.
Between 2016 and 2020, I was an itinerant postdoc/contingent worker at the Max Planck Institute, IISER Pune, Oberwolfach, Xiamen University Malaysia, Smith College, and the University of British Columbia. I've also worked at the Go Project, BEAM, and Bard Microcollege.
Since 2020, I've been here!

I mainly work in number theory and representation theory. I love to collaborate, so please reach out!


  1. A note on mock automorphic forms and the BPS index
    Mathematical Notes, 110(1), 273-282 (2021) journal arXiv
  2. Explicit formulas for the spectral side of the trace formula of SL(2)
    Acta Arithmetica 195 (2020), 149-175. journal arXiv
  3. Shifts of the sum of prime divisor function of Alladi and Erdős (with S. Shekatkar)
    Integers 20 (2020), Paper No. A4, 8 pp. journal arXiv
  4. Universal Fourier expansions for Bianchi modular forms
    Int. J. Number Theory 16 (2020), no. 4, 731–746. journal arXiv
  5. On the balanced Voronoi formula for GL(n)
    Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 62 (2020), no. 1, 121–130. journal arXiv
  6. Eisenstein cocycles over imaginary quadratic fields and special values of L-functions (with J. Flórez and C. Karabulut)
    J. Number Theory 204 (2019), 497–531. journal arXiv
  7. Biases in prime factorizations and Liouville functions for arithmetic progressions (with P. Humphries and S. Shekatkar)
    J. Théor. Nombres Bordeaux 31 (2019), no. 1, 1–25. journal arXiv
  8. On smoothing singularities of elliptic orbital integrals on GL(n) and Beyond Endoscopy (with O.E. Gonzalez, C.H. Kwan, S.J. Miller, R. Van Peski)
    J. Number Theory 183 (2018), 407–427. journal arXiv


Available upon request.
  1. The density of Elliptic Dedekind sums over imaginary quadratic fields (with N. Berkopec, J. Branch, R. Heikkinen, and C. Nunn) pdf
  2. Elliptic Dedekind sums for a Kleinian group (with Z. Miao and A. Nguyen) pdf
  3. An algebraic genus for schemes
  4. Zeroes of Rankin-Selberg L-functions and the trace formula
  5. The three gap theorem and periodic functions (with A. Suki Dasher and A. Hermida)
  6. A weighted stable trace formula I: Basic functions arXiv
  7. A weighted invariant trace formula arXiv
  8. On the unitary part of the stable trace formula pdf
  9. On stable orbital integrals and the Steinberg-Hitchin base pdf
  10. Endoscopic points on Siegel eigenvarieties (with B. Balasubramanyam) under revision
  11. On partial information retrieval: The unconstrained 100 prisoner problem (with I. Lodato and S. M. Shekatkar) arXiv
  12. Refinements of the trace formula for GL(2) arXiv
  13. Lattice points in quadratic irrational polytopes (with Y. Gaur) arXiv

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