Vinita Jain

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Vinita Jain


I am Vinita Jain a graduate student in department of Software Engineering.
University of Michigan - Dearborn

I have Bachelors in Computer Applications.



Work Experience

1. Video Streaming Application.

2. Implemented SOAP (JAX-WS and WSDL) web services using Java as a programming language, all web services were database backed up.

3. Implemented and developed REST web services with POST method which consumes and produces XML response. Also wrote client to invoke the web service using java and jersey client.

4. Worked on how to make synchronous and asynchronous call to the web service provided one web service is calling another.

Courses Undertaken

CodeCourse Title
CIS 578Advanced operating System
CIS 571Web Services
CIS 553Software Engineering
CIS 575Software Engineering Management
ECE554Embedded Systems
CIS 562Web Information Management
CIS 564Software Quality Assurance
CIS 525Web Technology