Fall 1997

Computer Information Science 291: Ada Programming

Course Syllabus




Topic and Reference Chapter
Historical introduction and language overviewChapter 1
Syntactic introduction and fundamental statementsChapter 2
The fundamental data types and their subtypesChapters 3, 4
Expressions (arithmetical and logical)Chapter 6
Subprograms (procedures and functions)Chapter 7
How Ada uses subprograms to support software engineeringChapter 13
Access types (what Pascal calls pointers)Chapter 8
Exception handlingChapter 14
Generic unitsChapter 15
TasksChapters 17, 18


The assignments will be "150-size," not "200-size," in keeping with the course objective of learning a new language and applying software-development concepts you've already learned to the new language. The grading weight of the assignments will gradually rise during the semester, since the later ones will naturally require use of more capabilities of Ada. The examination questions will be "essay-type," in which you write or analyze segments of code. There will be no true-false, multiple-choice, or fill-in-the-blank questions. No unannounced quizzes or tests will be given. The programming assignments will be spaced roughly biweekly.

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Day phone 592-2374
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Office hours before class and by appointment
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