Yangjin Kim

Assistant professor
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
2078 CASL Building
University of Michigan - Dearborn
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48128
PHONE: 313-593-5178
FAX: 313-583-6620
Email: yangjink at umd.umich.edu

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o 2010 SIAM Conferenc e, Great Lake Section: Modeling and Numerical PDEs in Mathematical Biology, University of Michigan-Dear born, Dearborn, MI, April 17, 2010
(GLSIAM, Proceedings of the conference, pictures , program )

      Assistant professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, 2009-present
      Postdoctoral fellow, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University, 2006-2009
      Ph.D, University of Minnesota, 2006 [Advisor: Hans G. Othmer]

oResearch Projects:

1. Cancer Microenvironment : Breast cancer modeling
1) In vitro study
2) In vivo study: Hybrid (mechanical, cell-based, PDEs) approach
*Collaboration :
-Hans Othmer (U of Minnesota, DBC)

2. Glioma invasion
*Collaboration :
- Avner Friedman (MBI)
- Dr. Chiocca (M.D.), Michal O. Nowicki
Neurological Surgery, Ohio State University
- Jed Johnson and John Lannutti (Lannutti lab, OSU)

3. miR451 regulation of the migration and proliferation of glioma cells
Dr. Sean Lawler
Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine
U of Leeds (math) UK
4. Self-renewal in a crypt and implication of Wnt mutation in colon cancer 5. Cell migration through extracellular matrix and hybrid approach
1) Immersed boundary method approach
*Collaboration : Sookkyung Lim (U of Cincinnati)
6. A hybrid model of tumor spheroid growth
*Collaboration :
- Magda Stolarska (U of St. Thomas)
-Hans Othmer (U of Minnesota)
7. Virus Therapy
*Collaboration :
- Avner Friedman (MBI)
- Dr. Chiocca (M.D.),
- Balveen Kaur
Neurological Surgery, Ohio State University
8. Tumor dormancy 9. Asthma :
*Collaboration :
- Hyung Ju Hwang (Dept of Math, Postech, Korea)
- Yong Song Gho, Yoon-Keun Kim
(Dept of Life Science, Postech, Korea)

Last update : Dec, 2011