SIAM Great Lake conference: Modeling and Numerical PDEs in Mathematical Biology

Conference Presentations, April 17, 2010

NOTE: We are still gathering presentations, and will now post them as they are received.

Plenary Talks [ Chair: David Field ]

Friedman, Avner (Ohio State University) "What is mathematical biology and how useful is it?"

Alber, Mark S. (University of Notre Dame) "Multiscale Modeling in Biology"

Sander, Leonard M. (University of Michigan) "Biomechanics of cell motility in Dictyostelium"

Session A-1 (Systems Biology I) [ Chair: Yangjin Kim (U of Michigan) ]

Thomas, Peter J. (Case Western Reserve University) "Effects of Fluctuations in a 2D Model of Gradient Sensing"

Rong, Libin (Oakland University) "Rapid emergence of hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor resistance"

Session A-2 (Spatial Pattern) [ Chair: Magda Stolarska (U of St. Thomas)]

Chou, Ching-Shan (Ohio State University) "Spatial Dynamics of Stem Cells and Multi-Stage Cell Lineages in Tissue Stratification"

Umulis, David (Purdue University) "Systems biology of tissue patterning: insights from Drosophila embryos, Zebrafish embryos, and the Drosophila germarium"

Session A-3 (Modeling I) [ Chair: Ed Moylan (Ford) ]

Srinivasan, Parthasarathy (Cleveland State University) "Estimating Biophysical Properties of Nitric Oxide"

Kang, Yeona (SUNY at Stony Brook) "A structural basis for the Hodgkin and Huxley relation"

Session B-1 (Mechanics) [ Chair: Partha Srinivasan (Cleveland State University)]

Lim, Sookkyung (University of Cincinnati) "Electrostatic effects on the supercoiling DNA"

Stolarska, Magdalena (University of St. Thomas) "A model of cellular movement and its effect on substrate traction patterns"

Liu, Di (Richard) (Michigan State Univeristy) "Numerical methods for stochastic bio-chemical reacting networks with multiple time scales"

Kim, Eunjung (University of Notre Dame) "Contributions of branching points to fibrin network strength and stability"

Session B-2 (Wound healing) [ Chair: Chuan Xue (Ohio State University) ]

Xue, Chuan (Mathematical Biosciences Institute) "Modeling Ischemic Cutaneous Wounds"

Lee, Pilhwa (University of Connecticut Health Center) "Toward wound healing of MDCK tissue : model and experiments"

Arciero, Julia (University of Pittsburgh) "Simulating wound healing with a two dimensional continuum mechanical model"

Kao, Chiu-Yen (Ohio State University) "Modeling oxygen transport in surgical tissue transfer"

Session B-3 (Cancer I) [ Chair: Richard Yamada (U of Michigan) ]

Khain, Evgeniy (Oakland University) "Clustering of brain tumor cells: theory and experiment"

Jain, Harsh (Mathematical Biosciences Institute) "A Biochemical Perspective to an Agent-based Model of VEGF-induced Capillary Formation"

Mikhaylov, Jessica (United States Military Academy) "Evaluating an improved two-compartment model to determine tumor angiogenesis parameters using contrast-enhanced dynamic imaging data"

Zheng, Xiaoming (Central Michigan University) "A continuous model of angiogenesis: initiation, extension and maturation"

Session B-4 (Industry Session) [ Chair: Joan Remski (U of Michigan) ]

Eden, Gideon (CEO, Biolumix) "Practical Aspects of Bacterial Growth Model"

Heng, Henry (Wayne State University School of Medicine) "Can mathematics solve the mystery of biology?"

Sheng, Jim (U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research and Development) "Occupant Injury Risk Assessment Under Vertical Loading"

Bobeldyk, Denton (Davenport University and DJB Consulting L.L.C.) "Biometrics - Applications and Challenges"

Session C-1 (Systems Biology II) [ Chair: David Umulis (Purdue U) ]

Gurarie, David (Case Western Res University) "Immune regulation of malaria infection: model calibration and Agent-Based Communities"

Spagnuolo, Anna (Oakland University) "A Mathematical Model for Vibrio Cholera Colonization in the Human Intestine"

Session C-2 (Cancer II) [ Chair: Frank Massey (U of Michigan) ]

Ahmed, S. Ejaz (University of Windsor) "Improved Estimation Strategies for Tumor Growth Rate"

Tian, Jianjun Paul (College of William and Mary) "A challenging problem in the competition between two stem cells"

Session C-3 (Modeling II) [ Chair: Sookkyung Lim (U of Cincinnati) ]

Wei, Guowei (Michigan State University) "Differential geometry based multiscale models for biomolecular systems"

Yamada, Richard (University of Michigan) "Molecular Noise Enhances Oscillations in the Supra-Chiasmatic Nuclei Network"

Session C-4 (Modeling III) [ Chair: Magda Stolarska (U of St. Thomas) ]

Matzavinos, Anastasios (Iowa State University) "Spectral clustering methods in data processing and image analysis"

Poster Session

Baek, Seunghyeon (Korea University, South Korea) "Stationary pattern and stability in a tumor-immune interaction model with immunotherapy"

Byun, Jonghyuk (University of Cincinnati) "Fluid motion in an urban pipe with various surfaces"

Chen, Duan (Michigan State University) "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation for Proton Translocation in the Ion Channel"

Du, Huijing (University of Notre Dame) "Multiscale Models of Bacterial Swarming"

Holmes, William (Indiana University) "A 3D computational model of the Mammalian Cochlea with Asymptotics"

Hengenius, James (Purdue University) "Effects of a realistic 3D domain on models of Drosophila melanogaster gap gene regulation

Im, Jeong Sook (Ohio State University) "Boundary integral method for shallow water and evaluation of the KdV equation in random wave field"

Jordan, Benjamin (Harvard University) "Coupling tissue growth and reaction kinetics to model chick limb development"

Karim, Mohammad Shahriar (Purdue University) "Secreted, receptor-associated BMP regulators reduce stochastic noise intrinsic to many extracellular morphogen distributions"

Kim, Jae Kyoung (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) "Modeling the Interaction between Circadian and Metabolic Regulation"

Lee, Sang-hun (Purdue University) "Dynamic simulation of Bone Morphogenetic Protein patterning in a 3D finite-element model of the Danio rerio embryo"

Lioi, Josh (University of Notre Dame) "Study of the role of Factor VII in Venous Thrombus Formation Using a Combination of a Multiscale Model and Experiment"

Liu, Sijia (Iowa State University) "Novel clustering methods for the analysis of biological data "

Liu, Yuan (University of Notre Dame) "A preliminary study of two models on angiogenesis"

Luterek, Adam (Oakland University) "Studying the Movement of Nerve Axons Under the Influence of Strong Magnetic Fields"

Pargett, Michael (Purdue University) "Brat-mediated bi-stability and cell-competition autoregulate stem cell number in the Drosophila germarium"

Stevens, Joshua B. (Wayne State University School of Medicine) "Dynamics of Somatic Cell Evolution During Cancer Progression "

Wang, Xiaoxia (Case Western Reserve University) "A New Approach to Modeling Schistosomiasis Transmission Based on Stratified Worm Burden"

Xu, Dan (Oakland University) "The Magnetic Field Produced by the Heart and Its influence on MRI"