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"The leaping skeleton"
"The Leaping Skeleton"
The leaping skeleton is a reconstruction by Dennis Finnin at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It is not a Berenty sifaka, but Notharctus, an Eocene primate from Wyoming with somewhat similar locomotion.

The phylogenetic tree of primates and lemurs

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Lemur migrations

Lemur migration
The Madagascar lemurs probably rafted to Madagascar from Africa, which had left Madagascar about 150 M yr ago.

Lemur origins

     Lemur Origins
A minority opinion is that primates originated on Indo-Madagascar-Australia. When the Androy volcano erupted 88M years ago, proto-lemurs were left on Madagascar, while the primates on India reached Asia and evolved into monkeys, apes, and us.
Drawings by Stephen D. Nash, the first from Mittermeier, R.A., Tattersall, I., Konstant, W.R., Meyers, D.M, and Mast, R.B. 1994. Lemurs of Madagascar. Washington, Conservation International. Second drawing: Stephen D. Nash, pers. comm

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