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The Tandroy Clans
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Dancing by the Fire

All photos of Tandroy Dancers featured on this webpage
by Alison Jolly

Two Girls Dancing

Two Tandroy girls dancing

Tandroy Dancers

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Rekanoky, Chief Dancer © A. Jolly

Tandroy Dancer

Click on the links below to see two short videos of Tandroy Dancers - one of a group Tandroy Dancers, the other of their leader dancing.

  Links to Tandroy Dancers Videos TandroyDancers-Group.wmv TandroyDancers-LEADER.wmv  
  © Video clips by Francine Dolins

      Rekanoky Dancing  
The Berenty Dance troupe, led by Rekanoky, performs
traditional Tandroy dance for tourists © A. Jolly

The Dance of the Cattle

The "Dance of the Cattle": Zebu are stampeded through the village of Anjamahavelo during a major funeral.

Cattle Dance
© photo by A. Jolly

Zebu Crossing
Zebu, the traditional wealth
© Cyril Ruoso,