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Say hello to Sapphire, the white ringtail infant featured in "A Lemur's Tale." 

Sapphire© photo by Adrian Warren

Media Coverage at Berenty

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BBC Two, Video Clips from David Attenborough's Egg Hunt

Television and Film:

Berenty is the easiest place in Madagascar to film and photograph lemurs, since they have been habituated to humans for seventy years. Among the many high points was the Life on Earth: A Natural History episode 12 - "Life in the Trees", which opened with ringtails drinking from the river at Berenty and ended with the overwhelming sequence of David Attenborough among the gorillas. Another was "A Lemur's Tale", the story of the white ringtail infant called Sapphire. The recent BBC Attenborough series on Madagascar included scenes from Berenty, as did David Attenborough's Egg Hunt. Animal Planet and Channel 5 produced a 10-part "Soap Opera" of ringtailed lemur troops in 2007-08. Japanese, French, Italians and others also film at Berenty.

BBC Nature Video Collections_D Attenborough, Madagascar

Recent films include the BBC's Lemurs, produced by Mark Flowers and presented by Charlotte Uhlenbroek, filmed in 2005. Marathon Television's 1-hour documentary: Once Upon a Time: The Lemurs was photographed by Frédéric Cebron with primatologist Emmanuelle Grundmann. It premiered Dec. 24th, 2006 on Canal+ in France.

   Martin and Pegleg     Pegleg waits for his cue © photo by A. Jolly

Oxford Scientific Films will show a ringtail "soap opera" in 2007 on Channel 5 and Animal Planet. To judge the benefit for tourism in Madagascar, one may estimate that advertisers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute of advertising during these programs, while Madagascar gains 10 half-hours of exposure.

The film crews follow two of the lemur troops studied since 1989 by Professor N. Koyama and his students. Takayo Soma is the scientific advisor in the field. Alison Jolly views edited films to check that even if the stories become somewhat fictionalized, they remain faithful to the behaviour of ringtails. But obviously, the greatest thanks are due to the confidence of Berenty ringtails in the face of all our human eccentricities….

A partial list of films featuring Berenty:
- David Attenborough's Egg Hunt. BBC. 50 min, 2011.
- Madagascar. BBC. 3 part series. 2011.
- Lemur Island. Channel 5 and Oxford Scientific Films, 2007.
- Lemur Street. Animal Planet International. 15 part series, 2007.
- Once upon a Time: the Lemurs. Marathon Productions, 2006.
- Lemurs of Madagascar. BBC, Mark Flowers. 30 min., 2006.
- Life of Mammals. Arboreal episode. BBC, D. Attenborough. 50 min., 2003.
- Gangland Lemurs. BBC Daniel Rees. 30 min., 2002.
- Cousins (Prosimians episode). BBC. 50 min., 2000.
- In the Wild: Lemurs with John Cleese. 50 min., 2000.
- Die Katta von Madagaskar. TOP TV, Grunwald, Germany. 23 min., 1999.
- A Lemur's Tale. Partridge Films. Adrian Warren 50 min., 1997.
- The Dance of the Sifaka. 25 min. Partridge Films, Adrian Warren 1997.
- Madagascar. Ushuaia, Paris. Nicolas Hulot, 50 min., 1996.
- Lemurs of Berenty. Marathon Productions, Discovery Channel. 25 min., 1994.
- Lemurs. Naturewatch, Central Television, London. 25 min., 1986.
- Spirits of the Forest. BBC, Mike Salisbury. 50 min., 1985.
- Tropical Time Machine. Horizon, BBC, David Dugan. 50 min., 1983.
- Life on Earth: Primates episode. BBC, D. Attenborough. 50 min., 1979.
- Ghosts at the End of the Earth. BBC 1970.

Some professional photographers with portfolios of Berenty:

- Shogo Asao;
- Nick Garbutt;
- Frans Lanting;
- Colin Radford;
- Cyril Ruoso;

Cyril Ruoso with Camera

Cyril Ruoso at work © photo by A. Jolly