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Books Edited by F Dolins:

Spatial Cognition, Spatial Perception, ed. by Dr. Francine Dolins

How does knowledge of the body in space relate to an understanding of space itself? In Spatial, Cognition, Spatial Perception, spatial cognition is discussed from two closely related perspectives: the internal mapping of external stimuli (e.g., landmarks and sensory perception of environmental information) and the internal mapping of internally perceived stimuli (e.g., kinesthetic and visual imagery), and their subsequent effects on behaviour.

- derived from the CUP website catalog. Click here to read more.


Attitudes to Animals, ed. by Dr. Francine Dolins

Attitudes to Animals provides a foundation that the reader can use to make ethical choices about animals. It will challenge readers to question their current views, attitudes, and perspectives on animals and the nature and development of the human-animal relationship.

- CUP Catalog excerpt, see links above for further information.

Dr. Francine Dolins - profile

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Francine Dolins has her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Behavioural Primatology from the University of Stirling, and a BSc. in Biology from the University of Sussex. She studies behavioural ecology and cognitive processes in non-human primates under free-ranging condition in the field and experimentally in the laboratory. Her research mainly investigates spatial cognition and navigational behaviour, in addition to decision-making processing in spatial behaviour.

Francine has conducted fieldwork most recently in Madagascar in addition to projects carried out in Costa Rica and Peru. Her fieldwork focuses on ranging behaviour and group decision-making in two species of lemur's navigational behaviour (Lemur catta catta and Propithecus verreauxi), while the lab projects utilize virtual reality (VR) software specially developed by Francine to investigate chimpanzee spatial cognition, use of environmental features and visual attention to landmarks, and spatial decision-making. Visit her website's, 'Comparing Spatial Cognition Using Virtual Reality in Chimpanzees, Children and Adult Humans' section for film clips of the chimpanzees navigating in virtual space). Collaborators on the VR project with Francine are Dr. Charles Menzel (The Language Research Center, Georgia State University), and Professor Alan Cowey (Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University).

Francine collaborates with Dr. Alison Jolly on a number of projects in Madagascar including one promoting Conservation-Education in primary schools in Madagascar, the United Kingdom and United States.

At the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Department of Behavioral Sciences where Francine is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, she teaches courses in Experimental Psychology and Animal Behavior.


Dr. Francine Dolin's Website

Visit Francine's Current Research website to learn more about the research she is engaged in across her various research topics. Her website includes her recent publications, addresses and events list, as well as postings of her upcoming workshops & presentations in 2012.

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*Please note, throughout March and April 2012 the construction of Francine's Research Topic webpages will continue with decriptive and multimedia resources added.  If a research topic webpage isn't completed just yet, please return soon!