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Student and Field Assistant Guides - pdf downloads available here...
- Berenty Student Guide by Amber Walker-Bolton

- The Berenty Reserve and the Forest: Suggestions for Students by Ivan Norscia and the Pisa Research Team

- Guide for Field Assistants at Berenty Reserve by Fetraharimalala Randriatsara


Students and Volunteer Research

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Students and Volunteers Welcome!

Students are welcome at Berenty if there is space in the Naturaliste house. Contact one of the scientists on the website if you have not done so already to be sure that your proposed research is not being done by someone else. Download the Berenty Student Guide pdf for more information, and the extra suggestions from the Italian team pdf.
You do not need formal government permission to work at Berenty, which is a private reserve. You do need permission from
Foreign students at Masters level or above, or any student staying for three months or more, are expected to support a counterpart Malagasy student. This has the multiple advantage that you gain a research assistant who may have more experience of field research than you do, and you also give something back to your host country by supporting them in taking data for their own degree project. Download the Malagasy Assistants' Guide pdf for information.
Volunteers commonly work with the ringtailed and brown lemur census which is held annually in October and November. Contact Josia Razafindramanana for information. Other opportunities arise with the various research teams.

pdf links to Student Guides Berenty Student Guide Malagasy Assistants at Berenty Guide