My Mom


One of the things my mom wants you to know is:

!!!Do Not Smoke!!!

She did, and now she had Emphysema and End Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease complicated by Asthma.  She has suffered this disease for 16 years.  In December, 2002 she had pneumonia and a heart attack.  Angioplasty was done on one artery, but two others would need it later.  Too frail for surgery, they were never done. Once a very active woman, she relied on oxygen and a walker/cart and had to give up driving.  In April, she had pneumonia and suffered two more heart attacks.  This led to her being in a nursing home for rehab, but she never was able to do the rehab as she developed c-diff.  After 2 1/2 months in the home, her sodium was low, urinary tract infection, parotid gland swelled, low potassium, malnourished (afraid to eat), she ended up in the hospital.  After suffering for 2 weeks there, she succumbed to heart failure on July 20, 2003, eight days before her 77th birthday.


Donna Jean, 20                                                                   "Up North" with Sheena, Donna, 51                                                                                                                                                              Gordon 22, Donna 21, Kitty 8 mos. and Cindy 9 mos.

"The Albrights" 1948

The Wedding, 5/3/47

                                    Donna & Gordon, 11/2/68                                Donna caught the sailfish in Florida.


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