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Oxford Brookes University Primate Center/  Guiseppe Donati - profile

Giuseppe Donati studies the southeastern brown lemurs, Eulemur collaris, both in forest fragments on the coast where they occur naturally, and in Berenty where they are introduced and hybridized with E. rufus. He focuses on the management of introduced versus natural populations, and on the implications of cathemerality. He is a collaborator of the Pisa group (see Norscia) and supervisor of Josia Razafindramanana.



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Josia Razafindramanana - profile


Josia Razafindramanana submits her PhD in 2011 on the ecological niche separation between ringtailed lemurs. She compares Berenty Reserve, where browns were first introduced in 1975, with Beoloka Reserve which contains only the native ringtails, and with Ambatotsirongaronga, where brown lemurs (Eulemur collaris) and ringtails live in natural sympathy.


She began studying the impact of brown lemurs on tamarind trees as an undergraduate at Berenty, supervised by Hantanirina Rasamimanana. She then did a DAE at the School of Agronomy before continuing her PhD work at Oxford Brookes, supervised by Giuseppe Donati.

As a post-doc, she will work on the critically endangered crowned sifaka, Propithecus coronatus, and the prospects for its population both in captivity and in the field.
Josia has led the Annual Census of brown and ringtailed lemurs at Berenty since 2008, and will continue to do so. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for this census should contact her.


  Josia Razafindramanana  
Josia © A. Jolly


Marking brown lemurs for the census
Marking Brown Lemurs for the Census © A. Jolly