Pending Funding:

• 2012-2015 MERHAB NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2012-2002987; PI: M. Twiner, co-PIs: Trainer, V., Moore, L., Doucette, G., Cox, F., Borchert, J., Ruark, H., Tillmann, U., and John, U. (co-PIs). "Clear and Present Danger: monitoring and management of lipophilic shellfish toxins in Washington State".

Current Funding:

• 2012-2013 Cottrell College Research Corporation; PI: M. Twiner. "Algal toxins as phosphatase inhibitors: Identification of new targets and structure-activity characterization".

Past Funding:

• 2011 University of Michigan-Dearborn CASL Summer Research Grant,l; PI: M. Twiner. "Characterization of microcystin inhibition of phosphatase enzymes".

• 2010 NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program ; PI: K. Bandyopadhyay, co-PIs: V. Naik, A. Danielson-Francois, M. Twiner. "Acquisition of a Zeta potential and submicron particle size analyzer to enhance research and teaching at the University of Michigan-Dearborn".

• 2008-2011 Irish National Development Program, €1,020,699 total; PI: P. Hess, co-PI's: G.J. Doucette, M. Twiner, J. Aasen, M. Quilliam, A. Cembella, M. Guiry, "Azaspiracids: Toxicological evaluation, test methods and identification of the source organism".

• 2010-2011 University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School ; PI: M. Twiner. "Characterization of various
analogues of the marine phycotoxin pectenotoxin on mammalian cytotoxicity and actin polymerization".

• 2006-2009 EPA-G2006-STAR-B1; PI: T. Henry, co-PI's: G. Sayler, S.W. Wilhelm, R.J. Strange, consultants: M. Twiner, G. Boyer. "ECOHAB: Investigating Chronic Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Microcystins in Freshwater Fishes Using Toxicogenomics and Histopathology".

• 2010-2011 University of Michigan-Dearborn Faculty Seed Grant ; PI: M. Twiner. "Interactive cytotoxic effects of
marine algal toxins in vitro".

• 2003-2006 Marine Research Measure Program,; PI: P. Hess, co-PI's: T. Yasumoto, M. Satake, G.J. Doucette, T. McMahon, M. Ryan, M. Twiner, G. Ryan. "ASTOX-Azaspiracid Standards and Toxicology".

• 2002-2006 The National Academies: National Research Counci ; PI: M. Twiner, co-PI: G. Doucette. "Algicidalbacteria targeting Karenia brevis: Identification and characterization of algicidal agents".