Courses I have taught or am currently teaching:

  1. CIS 101 FORTRAN Programming
  2. CIS 103 PL/I Programming
  3. CIS 150 Computer Science I
  4. CIS 175 Discrete Structures
  5. CIS 200 Computer Science II
  6. CIS 290 C++ Programming
  7. CIS 291 Ada Programming Syllabus
  8. CIS 305 Theory of Computation
  9. CIS 310 Computer Organization
  10. CIS 350 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
  11. CIS 352 Introduction to File Processing
  12. CIS 400 Programming Languages Syllabus
  13. CIS 450 Operating Systems
  14. CIS 474 Compiler Construction Syllabus
  15. CIS 553 Software Engineering Syllabus
  16. CIS 556 Database Systems
  17. CIS 561 Compiler Construction Syllabus

  1. IMSE 317 Engineering Probability and Statistics Syllabus
  2. IMSE 351 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Syllabus
  3. IMSE 458 Simulation in Systems Design Syllabus
  4. IMSE 510 Probability and Statistics Syllabus
  5. IMSE 511 Design of Experiments Syllabus
  6. IMSE 525 Finance and Economics Software Application Syllabus
  7. IMSE 5275 Managerial Accounting Software Application Syllabus
  8. IMSE 551 Compiler Construction Syllabus
  9. IMSE 557 Computing Networks and Communication Syllabus
  10. IMSE 559 System Simulation
  11. IMSE 5715 Modeling of Integrated Information Systems Syllabus
  12. IMSE 5725 Object-Oriented System Design Syllabus
  13. ITM 301 Business Application Programming Syllabus
  14. ITM 431 Database Systems II Syllabus

  1. Overview of Multivariate Data Analysis (1-day seminar) Syllabus
  2. Overview of Non-Parametric Analysis (1-day seminar) Syllabus

  1. ITM 120 Introduction to Information Systems Syllabus
  2. ITM 210 Business Application Programming Syllabus
  3. ITM 301 Business Application Programming Syllabus
  4. ITM 302 Object-Oriented Programming Syllabus
  5. ITM 311 Management Information Systems Laboratory (syllabus available from Professor L. Urbaczewski)
  6. ITM 321 Database Systems I Syllabus
  7. ITM 331 Information Systems Design Syllabus
  8. ITM 322 Database Systems II Syllabus
  9. ITM 382 Advanced Computer Applications Syllabus
  10. ITM 431 Advanced Computer Applications Syllabus
  11. ITM 575 Information Management Syllabus
  12. DS 300 Quantitative Modeling and Analysis I Syllabus
  13. DS 520 Applied Statistical Modeling Syllabus
  14. DS 570 Management Science Syllabus
  15. DS 632 Management Science Syllabus
  16. ITM 310 Management Information Systems Syllabus
  17. ITM 525 Computer and Information Systems Syllabus
  18. ITM 527 Advanced Programming Syllabus
  19. (Many CIS courses are also IMSE courses.)

I worked full-time at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan for 29 years (ending 31 December 2001), where I was an in-house consultant on analytical software used for mathematical modeling, statistical analyses, operations research work, and discrete process simulation.
I am now a senior simulation analyst for PMC [formerly Production Modeling Corporation], Dearborn, Michigan (web site).

Languages I've taught and/or used professionally: Ada, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, GPSS, Java, LISP, Pascal, PL/I, PROLOG, SIMAN, Smalltalk, SNOBOL4, Visual Basic (and VBA).

Simulation software packages I've taught and/or used professionally: ARENA, AutoMOD, ED (Enterprise Dynamics), ExtendSim, ProModel/MedModel/ServiceModel, SIMUL8, SLAM II, Simio, WITNESS.

Indeed, the new Business Analytics course DS [Decision Science] 632 ran for the first time in Fall 2013; the senior and very expert Professor C. Chandra invited me to teach it.  We use Simio simulation software under a grant from Simio LLC.

In this connection, I often publish articles in technical newsletters or proceedings of professional conferences. To see a list of some of these recent articles: Articles

On 19 November 1999, Roberto Revetria, a Ph.D. student from the University of Genoa, Italy (visiting the United States for an Industrial Engineering practicum), gave an excellent presentation to the I&MSE 458 class on the engineering education milieu in Italy. He has graciously consented to allow the presentation to be posted here.

Email contact: Click here.